jeep safari canyons Piva and Tara; rafting Brštanovica – Šćepan polje; jeep, photo safari and hiking in National park „SUTJESKA„; ride in boat lake Piva; jeep i photo safari in National park „ DURMITOR „ – Durmitor's ring; the end of program


Rafting during the weekend / Saturday / due to crowds can be organized in two tours - after breakfast at 09:00 and after lunch at 14:30. The schedule of participants is the responsibility of the organizer.

The characteristic of a modern tourist is search for special features. And the special features are hidden in all aspects of local culture, they just need to be discovered – peace, quiet and tranquility instead of crowds and city noise, clean air, organic food and all the special types of delicacies that are made in this area – cheese, prosciutto, homemade brandy, fresh vegetables, picking of forest fruits and medicinal herbs; rural idyllic landscapes, hiking, riding, rural architecture, country customs and festivities, specific crafts … all this and many other possibilities are at your fingertips and should be discovered.

Arrival in camp

  • Arrival in camp in the afternoon and homemade brandy welcome, or juice.
  • Meeting the environment and accommodation.
  • Dinner (hunter’s goulash with side dish and salad), entertainment with music until late at night.
  • Overnight in bungalows, and they are placed in our camp.


Jeep safari canyons Piva and Tara

JEEP AND PHOTO SAFARI: to feel the compound of adrenaline and adventure or to enjoy in magic of untouched nature; to feel peace, silence and serenity instead of traffic and noise in the cities; to forget relentless pace of modern life and enjoy in beauty of mountains and rural idyllic landscape…

  • Camp „Sastavci“, 434 masl, morning coffee and breakfast at 08:00 till 09:30h
  • Leaving camp around 10:00
  • Driving in jeeps and vans to the viewpoint Colova greda (Colov’s beam) on 1.062 masl, from where you have a panoramic view on Tara canyon
  • Village Crkvicko Polje 1.110 masl, driving on the rural road we arrive to the rural household of the Zivkovic family (1.302 masl). Walk to the viewpoint on 1.400 masl, with a beautiful view on canyon Piva
  • Returning back to the rural household, making a break and you have possibility to try and buy some of domestic products: few kinds of cheese, prosciutto, ham, bacon, homemade brandy (plum, pear, apple…) …
  • We continue journey through village Zejcino and Jerinic, to the village Baucale where we leave jeeps and go for an easy walk to the canyon Tara. From where you have a beautiful panoramic view on canyon and mountain Durmitor
  • Easy walk, picking up forest fruits and herbs
  • Break for lunch packet and freshening drinks
  • After short break we continue our jeep and photo safari tour through Borje 1.418 masl and in afternoon hours we arrive to the Monastery Zagradje where you can see church of St. Jovan Krstitelj (John the Baptist) from XV century.
  • Next to the monastery is viewpoint from where you can see converting place of Tara and Piva rivers , where they make Drina river
  • Arrival in camp in the evening
  • Dinner and having fun till late at night
  • Sleeping in bungalows.

Rafting Brštanovica – Šćepan polje

RAFTING is above all an amazing fun on river – compound of beauty, adrenaline, adventure, attraction, vacation, fun, satisfaction, friendship, positive energy, return to untouched nature…

  • Morning coffee, breakfast until 10:30h – local cuisine specialties (ham, bacon, sausage, eggs, cheese, tea …).
  • Getting equipment for rafting in the camp Sastavci. Each participant gets neoprene suit, neoprene boots, life jacket, helmet and you can start adventure.
  • Transportation by jeeps and vans bus to Brštanovice starting point of our friendship with Tara to 11:30h
  • Formation of teams, meeting with the skipper (rafting guide) and the principles of teamwork. The boats have a capacity for 8 to 10 people and it is important for the participants to comply with the instructions of rafting guide.
  • Boarding to 12:00 h and rafting starts on the most attractive part of Tara in the length of 15 km, where plenty of nice excitement – such as cascades (waterfalls): Ćelije, Borovi , Vjernovici, Varda, Cegrlo i dr…
  • Rafting lasts for about 4 hours with breaks for swimming and relaxation on Kulina, Manita vrela, Šipčanica creek
  • Arrival at the camp is around 16:00h, and you will finish rafting right next to camp. Changing clothes, taking showers.
  • Lunch – domestic specialties and Oriental cuisine: rafting soup, sač (meat and vegetables made in clay pot), salad…
  • Rest after lunch, and free time for a walk, board games…
  • Dinner (trout with vegetables or rice, salad …) and talking late into the night.
  • Overnight in bungalows.

Jeep, photo safari and hiking u National park „ SUTJESKA „ lakes Donje i Gornje Bare

HIKING is a sport in which one of the main goals is to conquer the peak of a mountain. People can have different motives for hiking. Some of them are having fun with friends, healthy lifestyle, improving condition, challenge, exploring, photographing, but it’s commonly love for nature.

  • ,,Sastavci” 434 masl, morning coffee and breakfast from 08:00 until 09:00;
  • Leaving camp around 09:30;
  • Transfer in jeeps and vans, to the lake Donje Bare (1.550 masl);
  • A tour to the lake of Donje Bare and a light walk on a pleasant walkway in the length of 400 m leading to the edge of the Sutjeska canyon, where is viewpoint Boric. The viewpoint is placed between Siljevica and Planinice, but regardless of the fact that these peaks are higher than Boric, his position is such that he dominantly comes out on a sharp slope towards Sutjeska, from where you can see whole canyon and mountains Vucevo, Maglic, Volujak, rainforest Perucica, Dragas sedlo and Prijevor, valley of Tjentiste, the remains of old towns
  • Vratar and Vratac, as well as Kosman. Altitude of viewpoint Boric is 1.475m.
  • Easy walk, picking up forest fruits and herbs;
  • A break for lunch package and freshening drinks;
  • From viewpoint we keep going on our second walk to the lake Gornje Bare (1.650 masl)
  • Returning back to camp in evening hours.
  • Dinner and talking late into the night.
  • Overnight in bungalows.

Ride in boat lake Piva

  • Morning coffee, breakfast until 10:00;
  • Transport to Piva lake, where we board on the boat;
  • A ride on the lake, swimming;
  • Lunch on lake
  • After lunch returning back to camp „Sastavci“ in afternoon hours, around 17:00
  • Dinner and talking late into the night.
  • Overnight in bungalows.

Jeep i photo safari u National park “DURMITOR”

  • Morning coffee, breakfast until 08:00h, leaving until 09:00h;
  • Driving in jeeps to the dam Mratinje, high 222m – making a break to take photos. We continue journey next to Piva Lake towards village Trsa, 1.450masl, where we make a little break for coffee or cold beer from snow. The journey continues through village Pisce, 1.390 masl, to do mountain Durmitor;
  • The most famous location through this part of Durmitor are Todorova do (Todor’s valley), Prutas (2.300 masl), Dobri do, Sedlo (1.907 masl), Studenac, Valovito jezero (Wavy lake), Stozina (1.905 masl) and village Virak. On this part we are passing mountain houses, where we can make a short break and have possibility of tasting some of domestic products: few kinds of cheese, homemade brandy;
  • On Zabljak, 1.420 masl, we arrive around 04:00 – a break for lunch;
  • Driving through village Bosaca to the viewpoint Stuoc, 2.010 masl, with a fantastic view on canyon of Tara. You have a time for taking photos of canyon and enjoying the moment;
  • We keep driving through villages Mala Crna Gora, 1.500 masl, and canyon Susica, which one offer a special adrenaline experience. Canyon Susica is deep 800 m and long 14 km. We are coming down in canyon Susica to the mountain home and Susica’s lake;
  • From the canyon we keep driving towards viewpoint Ivovac, 1.480 masl – a break and taking photos. After is village Nedajno 1.439 masl, Nikovici 1.365 masl, Borje 1.418 masl and Crkvicko Polje 1.110 masl;
  • Returning back to camp „Sastavci“around 18:00h;
  • Dinner and later having fun with friends, and making new ones;
  • Sleepover in bungalows.

The end of program

  • Morning coffee; breakfast (ham, bacon, sausage, eggs, cheese, tea …)
  • Departure of participants

Price includes:

  • transfer with jeeps or vans to National park „Sutjeska“ and “Durmitor”;
  • transfer with jeeps or vans to canyons Piva and Tara, Brstanovica, lake Piva;
  • all mentioned meals;
  • accommodation in bungalows;
  • guides;
  • guides of mountain rescue service;
  • all the necessary equipment for rafting;
  • activities – rafting, hiking, ride in boat, jeep and photo safari;
  • rafting tax;
  • excursion tax or tax for visitors;
  • tourist tax or residency tax;
  • Tax for National park „Sutjeska“and “Durmitor”;
  • homemade brandy or juice for welcome
  • insurance during rafting

In the price is not included:

  • Additional services and all other expenses not covered by the program

*** What to bring on rafting?

  • If the rafting is in July, August or September dress sporty: Track suits, shirts, shoes or sandals, etc. and if the rafting is in May or June – bring warm clothes and a warm jacket,
  • Bring a towel,
  • Toiletries,
  • The cream for sun protection,
  • Swimming suite, swimming shorts/trunk – what you prefer,
  • Camera (during rafting it is put in the waterproof bag).

*** What to bring on jeep safari and hiking?

  • It is necessary to bring clothes adjusted for stay in nature,
  • It is necessary to bring shoes adjusted for comfortable walking: hiking boots or shoes with strong soles,
  • Toiletries,
  • The cream for sun protection,
  • Camera.

*** General notes!

  • All rafting participants need to follow the instructions given by guides
  • Rowers (skippers) are licensed IRF guides,
  • We have the latest equipment for rafting, tested and produced at the world famous manufacturers
  • To guarantee maximum safety during the whole trip.
  • All participants of the rafting are obliged to borrow: safety helmet, life jacket and a paddle.
  • Depending on the weather conditions at your disposal are: long or short wetsuits, neoprene boots
  • Or slippers, waterproof jackets and raincoats.
  • We are not responsible for any damage for your personal belongings on rafting,
  • Programs can be changed as desired by participants,
  • Prices of the program are approximate and vary depending on the number of participants, the number of professional management, types of menus and all other elements that influence the adjustment of the specific needs and desires of each individual client,
  • Booking is made with advanced payment of 30% of total amount, and the rest of the payment is made prior to the arrival on Camp Sastavci,
  • In case of cancellation organizer is not obliged to return the advance payment.
  • Special dietary or other needs should be reported with booking of program.