Categorization of river flow

Rafting is divided into six groups (“classes”) according to difficulty. These are:

  • Class 1: It is usually a calm river with a slow flow.
  • Class 2: Some rapids or rocks, but still not dangerous rafting.
  • Class 3: Rapids, small waves, small waterfalls, but without significant dangers. Tourist rafting usually falls into this class.
  • Class 4: Rapids, larger waves, rocks, larger waterfalls or drops, concentration and faster reaction speed required. Only for experienced rafters.
  • Class 5: Rapids, large waves, rocks, dangerous cliffs, large waterfalls or drops, requiring extremely precise and concentrated steering. The ultimate class of competitive rafting.
  • Class 6: Rapids, huge waves, large and extremely dangerous rocks and cliffs, numerous traps and falls, requires masterful handling of the raft without the right to make mistakes. This class is extremely dangerous for the life of the rafter and often ends in accidents.