About us

On this way we would like to briefly introduce us and offer business cooperation.

The company “BODO”,from Foča – Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a company with years of experience in the organization of rafting on the Tara River, which rightly they call Tear of Europe.

The company “BODO” was established 10.09.1993., registry file number RU-1-290-00, under number of the decision Fi-240/93. On 29.04.2004. as part of the company at the Department of Economics and Social Affairs – Foča municipality is registered the Rafting Club “BODO” – Decision No. 05-324-55.

Embraced by the waves of the river Tara / TEARS OF EUROPE / rafting club “BODO” organize one-day and multi-day rafting tours.

Be creative – To you and your guests you can arrange an active and fun vacation full of enjoyment and beautiful nature.

Besides rafting we organize unforgettable moments in the nature:

A trip to Sarajevo

A tour of the old town Bascarsija.

Hiking on mountains

Zelengora, Maglic, Durmitor…

Photo and jeep

Safari tours – The Durmitor ring.

Sutjeska and Durmitor

Excursions to National Parks.


On rivers and lakes.

Boat ride

Boat ride on Lake Piva.

Bike rides

Bike rides on the mountain trails.


One of the youngest extreme sports.

Montenegro – Cetinje

Excursion to the capital, tour of the Mausoleum.

Taking pictures and the tour

Of the most attractive locations and viewpoints of the canyon.

In association with:

Travel agency “FRIEND TRAVEL” Trebinje, www.friendtravel.net we organize:

  • The tour of the town Trebinje, “the city of the sun and plane trees”
  • The Herzegovinian monasteries – built from VI to XXI century
  • The wine routes of Herzegovina
  • Excursions to Dubrovnik and Mostar
  • Medjugorje – one of the world’s most visited Catholic pilgrimage places

Travel agency „ECO-TOURS“ – Kolašin, Montenegro – we organize:

  • The exotic adventures with jeeps in the mountains Bjelasica and Sinjajevina
  • Horseback riding on the mountains and flower meadows
  • Fishing in the richest area of ​​the rivers Tara, and Morača, and Lake Kapetan

Hotels: “Kristal”, “Termag”, “Bistrica” and “Vučko” we organize:

  • A perfect vacation on the Olympic mountain “Jahorina”
  • Tour of Jahorina peaks by cable car
  • Collecting of medicinal plants and wild fruits
  • Walking tours
  • The hotels have indoor pools, saunas, fitness club, pool tables, table tennis hall, sports grounds, grass football field…