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Camp ,,SASTAVCI” – Scepan Polje, Montenegro – is located at the confluence of the Tara and Piva rivers (433masl), where they make Drina river. Camp environment is inexhaustible inspiration for nature lovers. In the embrace of three rivers and abundance of natural beauty you simply stay breathless, and there is a source of positive energy that brings you bliss.

Camp is located 25km from Foca, on the border Scepan Polje in Montenegro, on the road Foca – Scepan Polje – Pluzine – Niksic – Podgoric – Budva. You do not go in Foca, you continue straight for 3.5km to the intersection for Sarajevo. From the intersection, Sarajevo is straight, but you drive to the left across the bridge on Bistrica River and take off to Niksic and Trebinje. Keep driving next 600m to the next intersection, there you can see Neskovic petrol station. The right way leads you to Tjentiste and Trebinje, but you turn left across the bridge on the Drina River. And after 80m you are on the new intersection where on the left side road returns you to Foca, you will turn on the right side with a mild climb near the primary school and go towards Scepan Polje, 20km.

And then adventure begins. Adrenalin starts to grow on the last 10km of this section because it is one-way asphalt road. Although it will seem to you that it is completely impossible for such a road to be a highway, and that it connects two countries, but do not get discourage, it is just a sign that you are on the right way. Drive slowly and carefully, the road is narrow and inconvenient for all those who are not used to drive on such a terrain. At the 20th kilometer from Foca you will find a board with a sign ,,Rafting Center Bastasi”. You are almost arrived – continue driving to the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Enter to Montenegro and after the border, 50 m on the right you have a signpost to turn right to camp ,,Sastavci” (If you go straight – you are not on the right way, because the road is going to Pluzine and Niksic). Scepan Polje is a small place – between the private house and restaurants Corridor X and Blue River you come to the macadam road and you will drive next 200m to the intersection, and then turn right for next 100m to the parking lot of the camp. Park your car on the right side, take your things and walk 100m downhill to the camp, it is located next to the Tara River. NOTE: Do not drive car down to the camp, the road is not made for small cars.

From the documents you will need a valid ID or passport. Children must have passport, or be in their parents’ passport.
A green card is required for the car.

Belgrade - 375 km

Beograd - Cacak - Uzice - Visegrad – Ustipraca - Gorazde – Foca – Scepan Polje

Novi Sad - 360 km

Novi Sad - Ruma - Sabac - Zvornik - Vlasenica - Sokolac - Rogatica - Ustipraca - Gorazde - Foca - Scepan Polje

Herceg Novi - 180km

Herceg Novi - Morinje – Grahovo - Vilusi - Niksic – Pluzine – Scepan Polje

Budva - 200 km

Podgorica - Niksic - Pluzine – Scepan Polje

Dubrovnik - 175 km

Dubrovnik - Trebinje - Vilusi - Niksic – Pluzine – Scepan Polje

Sarajevo - 95 km

Sarajevo - Trnovo – Brod na Drini – Scepan Polje

Airports near us

Sarajevo 95 km, Podgorica 135 km, Dubrovnik 170 km, Tivat 170 km, Beograd 375 km.

The nearest Railway Stations

Sarajevo 100 km, Podgorica 135 km, Uzice 169 km

Regular bus lines

Bus station in Foca contact phones:+38758211805, +38758211809