Rafting is a particularly good time on the river – it is a combination of beauty, adrenaline, adventure, holiday, fun, pleasure, friendship, attraction, positive energy, and untouched nature… And all this helps us to fully feel the beauty of nature and see what only the old rafters knew.

To participate in rafting, you do not need to have experience.


We have the latest equipment for rafting, tested and produced by famous international manufacturers to guarantee maximum safety while rafting.


  • Rafting for individuals, friends, buddies or family.
  • Rafting for business associates or business meetings with additional activities.
  • TEAM BUILDING - in which the rafting teaches teamwork.

Team building with rafting activities further strengthens team work and creates success in joint ventures and jobs. Mutual dependence of team members leads to better coordination and understanding that individuals could do little, but as a team they can overcome the hardest obstacles.