Canyon TARA

“Beauty over beauties,
Everyone stays speechless over her beauty,
the beauty that remains in us – forever”

A mountain river, the jewel of nature, the river unpredictable and all endowed with beauty. It is 150 km long and it flows under Komovi, 1.250 meters above the sea. The river flows through a unique canyon, with walls up to 1.300 m high. It is the deepest canyon in the Europe, and the second in the World after the Grand Canyon. Tara River is one of the most attractive rafting rivers you will ever see.

Luxurious colors of flora and fauna, waterfalls and rapids, cavern and cave jewelry – makes this canyon the most beautiful in the World.

River Tara – “TEAR OF EUROPE” – jis safe to drink during her entire course. On your trip through Tara Canyon, you will enjoy its harbors of untouched nature and nights full of stars. All this will make your dreams beautiful. During the rafting you will experience completely confusing feelings – FROM HYSTERICAL EUPHORIA TO THE BLESSED CALMNESS.

On 17th January 1977, River Tara and canyon are included on the list “Man and Biosphere” and on 4th of September 1980 within National Park “Durmitor” declared “World heritage of natural recourses of UNESCO” complying with three conditions (one of which was enough only one): geological, hydrological and biological phenomena.

All the beauty and sights of “TEARS OF EUROPE” do not mean anything until you feel the coldness and the taste of pure water “tarski,” until you hear the roar of its rapids, or enjoy the view from the cliffs of the canyon.