CANYONING is one of the youngest extreme sports and involves overcoming the canyon by swimming, jumping from waterfalls, climbing, sliding, using rope. In addition to entertainment, this sport also carries numerous dangers, especially with larger and demanding canyons where you have to pass through the entire canyon to get out of it. However, with little attention and care, almost all the dangers that can be underway during CANYONING are eliminated.

CANYONING adventures have been offered for years in two attractive and unique canyons: Canyon Nevidio and Canyon Hrcavka.


Canyon Nevidio is located in central part of Montenegro. It is 95km far from camp. Nevidio Canyon is part of Mala Komarnica, she springs in southern part of Durmitor, more precisely in Dobri Do. At the very edge of the valley begins Nevidio Canyon (Unseen Canyon), rightfully wears this name. Because River Komarnica suddenly gets lost in a strangely carved entrance and becomes invisible to the human eye.

The first contact with Nevidio is overshadowed by the indescribable beauty, unusual and strange, on which man is not used. The biggest part of the Canyon is in eternal shadow. Because of vertical rocks, the sun’s rays cannot reach the bottom. The width of the Canyon on some places is less than one meter. Some parts of the Canyon pass only with the help of climbing equipment, and jumping from rocks whose height reaches up to 10m.


River Hrčavka springs in the forested areas of the eastern slopes of the mountain massif Oboreno tocilo with peaks Orlovaca (1.960masl), Kozje Strane (2.014masl) and south slopes of Planik. River goes through narrow canyon 13.5km long, with a total altitude difference of 1028m, between Orline and Pasa – Lipov do, Struzina and Gradina, breaking up on their rock cliffs, just sometimes taking a break in blue whirlpool. And then immediately proceeds to whirl and foam, rushing to meet Sutjeska. On this short journey, joins to her numerous rivers and streams, they are almost headlong falling from the slopes of Treskavica, Oruf, Careva gora and Trebovo. Watercourse is characterized by great falls, numerous cascades and waterfalls.